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Our ‘Semi Bespoke’ range of insoles

These insoles have been designed using a high quality Schein base which can then be constructed to the practitioner’s specification, enabling them to stipulate any additional components to suit their patient’s needs.

Available in full, sulcus or ¾ length, the SENSE insole is of slim design and available in sizes 19-48.

SENSE insoles are constructed from three layers of reinforcing material which are laminated together to create a durable sole, a strong yet adaptable medial longitudinal arch and flexible heel cup. This allows the insole to form to the pitch of most shoes. For added comfort, the underneath of the full-length insole has a unique non-slip coating to prevent movement inside the shoe.

These features of our SENSE insoles are achieved without compromising the support, correction and comfort of the patient, and are available at an affordable cost.

An extensive range of top covers is available to choose from.

Sense insoles colour swatches

The following components can be added:

  • Heel Posts
  • Forefoot Posts
  • Kinetic wedges
  • Metatarsal pads, bars and cut outs
  • Top covers to metatarsal heads, sulcus and toes
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